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Mr Christian Ulbricht


I graduated in Germany in 1994 and came to the UK the following year. I trained as a neurosurgeon but have a special interest in the assessment and treatment of spinal conditions including spine surgery. Since 2007, my elective operative work has been exclusively spinal and I see more than 1000 new patients per year with spinal conditions from simple low back pain to complex spinal tumours. I do not perform any surgery on children or for scoliosis.

Professional Life

  • Senior spine surgeon at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust . Private work at the Cleveland Clinic London, Charing Cross Hospital and The New Victoria Hospital, Kingston.
  • Chairman of the Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression (MSCC) MDT at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
  • Member of Advisory Board of the European Spine Journal since 2011.
  • Reviewer for British Journal of Hospital Medicine


What I do

Spinal Asessment

for degenerative conditions causing neck and back pain or spinal infections, tumours and fractures

Non-operative treatments

including arranging physiotherapy, Pilates, pain medication and spinal injections 

Spinal Surgery

for degenerative conditions such as slipped discs, spinal stenosis or complex problems such as spondylolisthesis, fractures or tumours

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